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Welcome to Caffènation

Welcome to the Caffenation Coffee World.
On this site you find :
-information about our company, coffee beans and tools.
-contact information on our Antwerp and Amsterdam bars.
-a coffee blog, by Rob Berghmans.
-a coffee web shop (for shipping to Belgium or The Netherlands).
-an events calender (for classes and more).


Espresso Bar Music (by DJ Roberto Bergami)

Hi Folks,

Here is the list with 8 years of 'best of the year music at Caffenation'.

It is a personal list of best new CD's (or down loads) by me. Of course you understand that it's mostly music from long ago, but only discovered, reissued or remastered between 2008 and 2015.

Hope this inspires people at home or in their (espresso) bar. 

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Aeropress Recipes from the TOP 3 Pressers of 2016

When entering an Aeropress competition, you have to be open to share. And for the most popular drinks of the year we want to know how it's made. 

BAC 2016 recipes ...

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5th Belgian Aeropress Championship Results

One more Aeropress Championship down the road and 2 more trophees on the shelf!

And one of them is the golden one. 

Going back in time to 2014 and Emiel, Caffenation Barista since 2010 ...

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