Caffènation Gift Card €5 or €20


Brand Caffenation Specialty Coffee Roasters

The Caffènation Gift Card

Do you want to surprise your loved one(s) with a Caffènation Gift Card for X-MAS?

They can spend it any way the like in our bars/shops in Antwerp and/or Amsterdam. Whether they like to spend it on freshly roasted coffee beans, specialty coffee capsules, coffee tools or they want to spend it on their daily dose of espresso, everything is possible.

The Caffènation Gift Card can be used as a credit voucher.

You can choose between 5 or 20 EUR gift cards or combine the two. Please mention your postal address in order for us to send the gift card(s) to the right person.

Note that the Caffènation Gift Card (cadeaubon) cannot be used on the Caffènation webshop.