Brand Caffenation

75% Burundi Kayanza NEMBA

25% Kenya Kirinyaga KIRI PB

For this Mr LGB we have te NEMBA from Burundi Jayanza as out main component. Kayanza is our favorite region in Burundi. 

3 of the 5 Burundian coffees we bought in 2016 were from this region. They have perfect growing conditions in Kayanza and lots of knowledgeable people to help with harvesting and processing. 

This coffee is velvety soft and has a great sweet and sour balance. Just what we need to marry milk. 

We like to keep it traditional for this period of the year and so we took a Kenyan coffee to make our blend complete. The Kiri from Kirinyaga is a typical Peaberry coffee, so it's bold and explosive with ton loads of fruity flavors. Kenyan coffees are not the easiest coffees to blend, that's why we are nog going highher than 25% for the Kiri. 

The whole idea of or Mister LGB blend is to have a good stable base to pair with milk. But for sure this blend is suitable for black espresso, a cup packed with fruity notes.