Rhinowares Flat 'Push' Tamper 58,5mm

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Brand Rhinowares

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The latest revolution in "tampeland" is now also manufactured by Rhinowares.

With this tamper you radically get rid of the crooked or irregular pressing of the coffee bed. As a result, your lead times become much more regular.

The height of the 'tamp zone' is adjustable.

After 13 years of 'classic' tamping, we at Caffenation now only work with this type of tampers, originally developed by an English company and called 'PUSH'.

The Rhinowares version has a nice wide base (58.5mm), a flat bottom and sharp edges, and is described by our head barista Emiel as the best invention for years.

Especially in a busy bar with several baristas, this tamper is a great advantage. Note: this first version is only suitable for 16 or 18 gram filter boxes.