Why starting a coffee Subscription?

What reasons are good to subcribe online?

Although people won't believe that i'm very often afraid of entering a bar/shop/restaurant ; it's the truth though. And many more people are alike; they definitely want to share the atmosphere we, or our dealers, are creating, but there's a threshold, something they are afraid off.
But what about a membership that gets the coffee at their doorstep, or even better, directly into their house..... That's a good reason to stop buying supermarket stuff!

Some people don't have time to visit a bar or specialised shop to buy a bag of fresh stuff.

Some people are living abroad, far away from Specialty Coffee.

Some are too busy to leave the office or have a big house hold to cover.

Some people are not interested in fresh coffee with a story.
Or am i mistaken?

Of course some people do not trust us and don't want to subscribe. Or they don't know what the difference between Specialty coffee and the average stuff is. Or they don't have a grinder. Maybe they even think (pre)ground coffee is as good.....

For those who don't trust us : we're on the market for 13 years and focus number 1 in all those years was giving people a good time and a good cup. We're not a money driven company!

Very often people see our prices and since we're cheaper then most of the competition, they think we're not as good. Of course I'm not saying we're the best! I don't like company's who scream out that they have perfect roasts and the best beans. We try to do our best. We try to do better. For achieving these goals, me and my people are travelling the world. We're on a continious look out for all movements happening in this crazy coffee world.

Afraid for what's going to be in the bag?

Besides all trends and fashion statements, we want to keep our buds sharp and inform you about all our tastings.
With every envelop we send out, we attach an easy info card with information about the bean and its taste notes.
After a while you'll have a dozen of different specialty coffees at your doorstep. Coffee is a colorfull world, with African beans the most colorful. :-)

Why whole beans?
We can go on discussing about differences in personal taste, roasting angles and origins, but nobody will argue that pre ground is as tasty as freshly ground.
Whole beans probably loose most of their flavor after one month. Ground coffee looses most of its flavor in 2 days. This doesn't mean the coffee is not 'good' anymore, but you tend to loose the details and for me that's not 'good enough' anymore. So, whole beans it is.
I remember a 'traditional' roaster once telling me that I would ignore 99% of the market this way. Well, if that's the truth; we are not really interested in 99% of the market if they don't want to make the effort.

Or better; I'm hoping I can motivate some people within this 99% group to start grinding on demand. Brew by brew.
Yes you'll have to make an effort!
Yes, you'll be rewarded!

And yes we can help you with the equipment needed and guidelines. 

For those with an automatic espresso machine: we sell espresso beans as well. Just keep an eye on the extraction time and keep you machine maintained. 

Good luck.

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