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Brand Caffenation

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Are you a (coffee) professional in need of coffee or coffee-gear? Then we've got great news for you. We now have a dedicated website just for you where you can order specialty coffee and coffee gear.
So come over and visit, create an account and start ordering everything you need for your company.



After Burner Stories

What's this for a machine Rob? 

It's a coffee roaster after burner honey. 

March 03, 2018 by Robrecht Berghmans

Best Caffenation coffees 2017

3rd year in a row a Muranga coffee is the number one coffee of the year, on filter and overall.
January 14, 2018 by Robrecht Berghmans

Het Caffenation Koffieboek

2,5 jaar na de start van dit project, ben ik super fier te mogen vertellen dat mijn koffieboek eindelijk in de winkel ligt. 

December 16, 2017 by Robrecht Berghmans