Who are we?

A. Is for About. Us.

We are Caffènation: an Artisan Specialty Coffee* roastery focused on more than just coffee. Our ambition: to change the world of coffee and the people who make it.

Who grows, harvests, sells, roasts coffee is very important to us, but who drinks it - you - is the most important of all!

*Artisanal Specialty Coffee meaning:

    • Light roast
    • Fruity flavours
    • In-season beans
    • Traceability
    • & Transparant pricing


B. Is for Beliefs. Ours.

We believe in people who value what we value and that comes down to 3 things:

 1. Ethical & transparent from A to Z

We look for producers who we know to be ethical growers, who share our values and dedication to quality and seasonal freshness. We travel the world in search of beans whose expressive flavour tells a story – the taste of terroir, that unique combination of soil, altitude, water and climate that makes every bean unique. You might say we look for beans with attitude. Plus, transparency means a lot to us. You can trace your coffee’s journey from cherry to cup and know who’s helped along the way. Our transparent pricing means we have no secrets about what or who we pay for our beans.  


2. Your other living room

Home is where the coffee is. That’s how Rob started back in 2003: offering people that home-away-from-home feeling you get with a good cup of coffee. Since then we’ve branched out and 1 single coffee bar became a micro roastery with 3 of its own coffee bars and many, many bars and restaurants throughout Europe offering our Caffènation brand. Because finally your other living room can be anywhere right? Haven't been there? Come and find out for yourself at one of our locations in Antwerp or Amsterdam – or one of the many restaurants and cafés that serve our coffee. Can’t make it out the front door? We can ship it to you, whatever, whenever, wherever. Please get in touch and let us know how we can help.    


3. Love

Does coffee make the heart grow bigger? We think so. We love coffee and the people who work in this business with all our heart. We dream, smell & talk coffee night & day. Our greatest passion is spreading the coffee love from Antwerp out into the rest of the world. As coffee freaks, our credo is that everyone in the world should taste a real good cup of coffee.  We cultivate master roasters whose love for the bean goes from head to heart to fingertips, and we attract highly trained baristas to translate all this into your cup using state-of-the art equipment.  



C. Is for Community. Yours too?

Every day our customers tell us how they love - or hate - our choices of beans, roast, grind & brewing, and together we grow our business day-to-day so we can make a better cup tomorrow. We are dying to hear from you, coffee lover, on social media or in the mailbox.   Are you a professional or thinking of becoming a coffee professional? Don’t wait! Become one of us today - just visit the caffenationpro.be site, give us a shout and we’ll welcome you in.