And the new 90+ coffee is ...... PANCHO ARMANDO

Yannick is working almost 6 years now at Caffenation and we've been tasting thousands of coffees together, but i've never, ever, seen him so enthusiastic about a coffee as when he first tasted this Colombian gem! And with reason.....

This small lot from PANCHO ARMANDO is from a small farm in Narino, South/West of Colombia. The Delgados run a collective family farm where the land is split between a few brothers and their children. Pancho is the patriarch and has slowly been handing over more and more of the farm to his daughters and sons. This is a spectacular farm which will undoubtedly excite your senses when you visit. Not only the surroundings are jaw-dropping, but also the farm itself and its potential will make you want to return to this coffee year after year.

The Delgados farm is almost all Caturra and Typica and sits on a high ridge between 2,100 and 2,300 masl, with room to grow towards higher elevations. The road conditions to get to the farm are not great but improving, and much of the work and transport is done by horse or mule.


The family collectively cultivates, prunes, fertilizes, picks, processes, and dries the coffee. It is very much a smallholder operation. The depulper is small and the coffee ferments in open barrels as opposed to tanks for about 12 hours. The coffee is then washed, sorted, and dried under a shaded patio in raised beds. There is a clear pride and attention to detail here, and a sense that the traditional varieties and careful management of soils have allowed the family to prosper in coffee.

The family pays any additional labor for picking based on a daily wage as opposed to a per kilo of cherry price. This approach ensures that pickers are not incentivized to pick under or overripe cherries as the harvest is quite scattered at this altitude and with the rain patterns they receive.

For our 90+ Series we are on the lookout for exceptional beans. In our philosophy is great coffee by nature fruity, floral, juicy, and has a super clean and long aftertaste.

Taste notes:  Goose berries, ginger bread, super sweet cup with notes of cassis

Variety: Caturra

Processing: Washed Microlot

Altitude: 2100 to 2300 masl!!

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants


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