BAC 2017 report.

And the winner is......

2 Friday evenings, 50 competitors, 7 judges and 28 battles were needed to find the new Belgian Aeropress Champion and oh yeah, 5 years after Charlene De Buysere we have a female winner again. Scarlett van Nispen is her name and this is her brief story:

Scarlett worked 6 years as a Barista for a very good client in Breda: Inspire. She had the reputation of hard working, lots of laughing and good coffees. From the very first day her colleagues, clients, boss and suppliers liked her and when she came over to Antwerp for studies she applied for a job at Caffenation. 

We did not directly had a position for her and normally we do not hire students, but 1,5 year ago we gave it a go and with fantastic results.

Since day one she showed big dedication and craftsmanship while working for both the City Center bar and the Roastery bar at Pakt. 

Now she is the new Belgian champ and defending our honors at the WAC in Seoul South Korea the 9th of November!


- How can a Dutch barista win the Belgian Championships?

Every person living at least 6 months in a country can participate at a regional Aeropress championship in that country. 

Also every person with the passport of the country organizing an Aeropress Championship can participate in this country. So, Scarlett could also become the future Dutch Aeropress Champion. And that, i think, would be a first ever world wide. 

Before several other ex-Caffenation baristas achieved something comparable. Isabelle Verschraegen became UK Champ. Simon Boone (double) Dutch champ, while living in Belgium. And Melodie Knight French Champion, while being US citizen.... 

Yes we have always been a house full of dedicated Aeropress lovers and we are proud of this. 

The 6th Belgian Aeropress Championships were the most popular ever and the coffees (from this great Yirgacheffe Chelelektu) tasted better than ever. 

- What was het recipe?

In a few days we bring you on this site the recipes, so you can all try them at home.  

- Who else made it to the finals?

Danny Calders and Phil Coppin were the other finalists on stage. 

They beat Mathi, Julie and Wouter in the semis. And many other baristas in Quarter finals and heats, so fully deserved!


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