Best Caffenation Coffees of 2016

Espresso of the year 2016:

Great overall year, with Rwanda’s saltiness winning and Ethiopia as number one country. Centrals were not as good as the previous years.

  1. Rwanda Nyahibu VUNGA
  2. Burundi Kayanza MBIRIZI
  3. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe KONGA
  4. Ethiopia Jimma BIFTU GUDINA
  5. Equal 3 coffees: Colombia Tolima LAS BRISAS/Indonesia Sulawesi TANA TORAJA (crop 2015)/Kenya Kiambu WINDRUSH

Best Mr LGB blend was the current Sweet X-Mas

Filter of the year 2016:

The same winner here as last year, although it was cupping a tad less high. Average quality of African coffees was very high, but we were missing a 90+ in 2016.

Latin American/Central coffees disappointed with the exception of the Honduras crop.

  1. Kenya Nyeri KIRIAINI AA
  2. Kenya Nyeri KANGOCHO PB
  3. Ethiopia Sidamo SUKE QUTO
  4. Kenya Kirinyaga RUNGETO PB
  5. Honduras ORELLANA Natural

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