Caffè for the People: A Journey from Concept to Culture

In 2003, when I was launching my coffee company, I faced the quintessential entrepreneur's dilemma: finding the perfect name and concept. Tony, a dear friend and talented graphic designer, came to the rescue. With a bit of saved money and a Linn record player as collateral, he conjured up Caffèination, inspired by Cuban street art.

The name quickly evolved into Caffènation, but the essence of the story remains unchanged.

"Caffè" means coffee in Italian, a logical choice as Italian coffee was the gold standard at the beginning of the century. Fast forward many years, and we find ourselves in a new coffee world, moving away from the "è." Officially, it's now Caffenation, and soon we might even revamp the logo.

"Nation" stands for a place where it's all happening. Tony found his inspiration in Cuban street art: a joyful mix of loose letters exuding force and attitude. The original communist feel of Cuba resonated well with us. The Cuban Revolution was all about advancing human rights and equality. Caffenation stands for good coffee for everyone, making it the perfect fit.

Fast forward to 2023, and both the coffee world and Caffenation have evolved, but our basic principles remain intact. Therefore, we want to resurrect one of our slogans from the early days: "CAFFè FOR THE PEOPLE."

We offer democratic (yellow) Roast ED and (turquoise) Brazil IAN coffees, as well as our prime specialty blends, packaged in green, pink, red, orange, or gray bags, all within reach for those seeking something special without breaking the bank. We don't discredit more expensive coffees on the market—daily, we see coffees hitting the €80 or €100 per kilo mark—but our selection of coffees is meticulously curated. We maintain the highest selection procedures, offering dozens of refined "in season" coffees to everyone's liking at a "normal" price tag, year in, year out.

As you are part of "the people" and enjoy coffee, we're confident you'll find your favorite flavor or roast in our coffee lineup. Come visit our bars, dealers, or the online shop, pick up our 'Caffè for the People' sticker and discover what "Caffè for the People" is all about.

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