Coffee Beans planning for Autumn and Winter 2022

Et voila, an overview of our ambitions, in terms of coffee beans and blends, for the upcoming months.

Always fun times when winter peeps around the corner.

What's on the planning: New Mister LGB Winter, new crops Brazil, Rwanda, Peru, Indonesia. And the X-Mas coffees.

The Mister LGB is our most important coffee, since we use it as a base for all our milk preps. Which is the case in many espresso bars all over Europe, and for good reason. The blended components are washed, clean, well balanced in taste and with just enough acidity to be the ideal counter part for all full fat fresh milk. 

The new LGB will be launched somewhere in November, has no name yet, but components are just being tested, approved and listen to the names of AMAYA, DARETU and BULAMBULI. 

The comeback country of the year will be Rwanda. The FUGI is a washed coffee with notes of lemon grass, vanilla, honey and nougat. 

New crop Brazil is very promising, although specials from this origin will probably only land around Carnaval. Yes very Brazilian. For the popular IAN we have the feeling the current offered CASCAVEL VERMELHO keeps on rocking - with new crop landing next week, so very exciting times!!

Peru is still vague as we didn't cup new crop samples yet, but i heard good things and surely hope to score a couple of good CAJAMARCA coffees this winter. 

To lay hands on good Indonesian specialty lots is a fight as there are not many top acts here and all roasters seem to fight for the same bone. The planning was to buy a load of the very popular - and for good reason!! -  FRINSA MANIS, but we're are still waiting for the final approval. Keep fingers crossed.

After four coffees into the new Kenya season we think this year is the best ever for this origin and the current KIGANDA AA is really mind blowing. Come and taste some as our filter coffee offering in all bars, also beans available on the shelf or online. 

Then the X-Mas coffees of 2022:

Espresso: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe YOSEF YOHANNIS Natural

Filter: Kenya Nyeri ICHUGA AB 

Actually it's not a 100% approved yet, but a separate post and vid with more info will land very soon. 

Hope we all catch up soon with a warm cup!


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