Crazy Coffee Flavors: Blueberry

When dividing coffees in different groups we sometimes discover certain ‘crazy’ beans that we prefer to catalogue by flavor. It’s not that the coffees have just one flavor, but when one is dominant and very special we highlight them here.

As you may know, we have flavor note descriptions for each of our coffees. They can be found on our website or the cards included with the coffee bags. The flavor notes we offer are meant to act as a guide for you to start thinking about flavors on a spectrum. It is important to note that our flavor profiles are not set in stone. Due to our versatile taste pallets, you may have a completely different flavor experience to mine. The fact we have individualized palates is what makes drinking coffee such an exciting and immersive experience. The ultimate goal is to identify coffees that are aromatic, delicious, and will keep you wanting more.

It’s often said that blueberry is a common note in Ethiopian coffees and that’s proven again this year where we notice a lot of blueberry flavors, and thanks to some great Anaerobic Natural processing it’s coming to a peak and blowing our socks off.

This coffee makes me think back to one of our first natural processed coffees from Guji Ethiopia which had a dominant blueberry flavor. I was promoting the coffee with this unique and dominant flavor until I encountered a client who said ‘why the heck would I like to drink a coffee that tastes like blueberry?’.

Well for those who want to taste ‘blueberry coffee’; this one tastes like artificial blueberries, fresh blueberries, winegums and blueberry jam!


  • Blueberry all the way
  • Winegums
  • Very clean and sweet

Town: Benti

Washing Station: Merkuria Merga

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Varieties: Wolisho, Kurume, 74110 & 74112

Price paid to the Farmer: ETB 30 / kg cherry

FOB: USD 13.66 / kg

Importer: Nordic Approach

Rob Says: This coffee is our second one catalogued in the ‘Crazy Flavor Series’ under the name of ‘BLUEBERRY’ and our most expensive coffee of the year, so far. And with reason of course. You need to taste this!!!!!

This is an anaerobic coffee, meaning that it has undergone fermentation in a closed environment without oxygen. This coffee has complex process driven fruit characteristics in the cup, along with great clarity.

The three washing stations are named after their owner, Mekuria Merga, a highly respected coffee professional with 23 years experience in the industry. Mekuria Merga decided to establish his own export company “Wete Ambela” in 2018 to export coffees from his washing stations, which are renowned for their high quality coffees.

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