A very very special bean hits the shelfs at Caffenation, at some dealers shops and will hopefully end up soon in your grinder at home or company....

The Costa Rica Central Valley FINCA TELIA is a semi washed coffee from the SL28 variety. 

You can find a lot of 250 gram bagged beans in Espresso Bars all over Europe for prices in between 10 and 20 euro's. I don't mind paying this amount of money, but then i expect something spectacular in my cup. Which is very often not the case. So,  it's more marketing and snobism i think, and that i don't like. 

We tend to stick to 8 euro's for a bag of fresh Specialty Coffee (Kenyans go a bit higher at 8,5 for a 250 gram bag), but this coffee is cupping so fantastic and has such a clean and balanced flavor that we couldn't resist buying a small lot and presenting it proudly to all you out there for €14 a bag - which it very good price for such a very special coffee!

  • Very clean cup with super sweetness
  • Medium acidity – citrus notes
  • Lots of berry flavors and a touch of raisins (dried fruit)

Producer: Tonio Barrantes

Processing: Semi-Washed

Variety: SL 28!

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: This is, besides of some geisha long ago, the most expensive coffee we ever bought. Our part of the micro lot is not more than 60 kilos and only roasted for filter. The most unique thing about it is the fabulous SL 28 variety from Kenya, which is very rare to find outside of Africa. So enjoy this long and sweet cup with tons of small little nuances.

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