Every season we launch an upgrade of our prime blend called Mister LGB. 



In our green bagged blend we try to offer coffee lovers something new every season of the year. The beginning of a new year stands for Peruvian coffee being at its best, as is once again the case in 2020.

That being said, it’s simply always a good idea to put crowd favourite HUABAL back on our shelves.

This great allrounder from the Cajamarca region is fruity and chocolatey at the same time. Bourbon, the main variety of this coffee, ensures the sweet part. The typica bit in its turn, balances out the cup perfectly by adding chocolate flavours and a very nice mouthfeel. 

For this season’s LGB we opted for a fifty-fifty blend. We’ve got HUABAL on one hand and an Ethiopian coffee from our favourite region, YIRGACHEFFE on the other hand.

The Yirgacheffe Organic blends well with the hard Cajamarcan bean and its striking tea like notes really help to bring the magic to all of your favourite milk drinks. Mister LGB is Caffenation’s best sold blend and can be found on the first grinder in our three bars as well as other specialty shops all over Europe.

What options you have when you are interested in tasting this coffee?

- you can visit one of our bars (two in Antwerp and one in Amsterdam) or go to one of our prime 'dealers' and drink an LGB espresso or espresso based drink

- as a home barista you can always order the LGB in our webshop

- as a professional we have subscriptions online and a pro shop as well. We deliver all over europe and give your company special prices and fast shipping. 

In case you might find the websites boring, dangerous or over complicated, just mail us at caffenation@gmail.com and we help you from there on.

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