For this Mister LGB we are back with a coffee from our favorite country on that side of the big ocean, Guatemala. Surely for espresso roasts we adore the smoothness, the processing is mostly immaculate and it blends like no other.

The FINCA EL CARRIZAL is just what we are looking for as our main component in this ‘milk loving’ blend.

As a counterpart we needed something more ‘explosive’ and fruity and therefore we fell back on an old friend of us, the NYAKIZU. This coffee from Nyaruguru Rwanda has probably been our most spectacular coffee so far this year. Ton loads of fruit, nice acidity, complexity and cleanliness. We are more than happy to pick up the remaining bags of this lot and blend it with the El Carrizal for this version of the Mister LGB.

Brewing advice: we will start experimenting soon to find out more about machine settings. Please feel free to contact us or to drop by at the bar for ideas and recipes.

And why not use this coffee for filter brewing? We sell those small bags a lot to people who use it for slow coffee…. It’s a very good balance between strength and refinement.

July 24, 2018 by Robrecht Berghmans