New ED and Mister LGB

It's March and time to repolish our most beloved blends, the Roast ED and Mister LGB

Our ROAST ED, the iconic yellow bag, is our most popular espresso blend with a mix of washed and unwashed coffee beans. Mixing these two types of beans together means incredible flavor, a lot of punch and a nice balance. On top of that, these carefully blended beans ensure some fine coffee even if the brewing conditions aren’t optimal. 

For a long time, 13 years to be exact, our yellow bag held an Ethiopian component. But this year brings a new wind, a new cornerstone for our blend, straight from Burundi. 

Even with this little change-up, this blend is still unique value for money and compatible with every single type of machine, both filter and espresso. It’s a winner, with every single sip. 

HANDS-ON is the name of the latest Mister LGB espresso/filter blend. 

The first new LGB starts off with a bang, and present Hanne and Lotte. Both hands-on, good looking, empathic and dependable . As bar managers of City and Pakt, Hanne and Lotte have to keep a lot of plates spinning. 

Two powerful girls presenting two powerful coffees:

Peru Cajamarca LA HIGUERA & Ethiopia Guji RARO

The first coffee is a fresh Peruvian crop from Jaen Cajamarca, our most beloved coffee region in the North of Peru. This organic certified LA HIGUERA is a very stable coffee with a buttery mouthfeel, notes of caramelized fudge and a herbal after taste. This component gives the blend its stability and body. 

The counterpart comes from Guji Ethiopia and is known under the name of RARO. This coffee is more complex and wild, with floral (roses, lavender) and fruity (peach, red prunes) notes and a chocolate aftertaste. 

Both coffees, combined in a concentrated espresso shot, are just the thing you need for your (oat)milk based coffee. We use it in our bars and in the meantime many of you take it home with you.

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