New Mister LGB: 3-WAY & Flat White

The most important element in any 'milk' coffee drink is the espresso, or double espresso. We think a clean washed coffee had the right balance between sweet and sour to marry the fat and sweet milk or oat drink. For our Mister LGB we blend two or three of these washed coffees for a better taste balance and easier grinder control. 

1/3 Peru Amazonas LA PERLA

1/3 Ethiopia Guji HAMBELA WAMENA

⅓ Kenya Embu KIUNGU C 

New seasons ask for new origins although the winter months are less favourable for new harvests. Luckily we still have Peru. 

LA PERLA is the brand that represents the Café Mujer project of Norcafe. This project trains women to improve the quality of the cup by training and support. Their good farmer practices and performance can obtain better income for their families.

This is a super smooth coffee and has exquisite cookie dough, biscuit and vanilla flavors. All of this combines very well with (plant based) milk. 

Since the good coffees from Ethiopia keep on coming we like to add some washed Ethiopian beans to this blend as well. 

The HAMBELA WAMENA is another prime example to show what makes a coffee taste good and this is mainly the combination of climate, soil and precise harvesting/processing. 

You’ll like the floral and peach tea flavors of this coffee from the Benti Nenka Washing Station in Guji Sidamo a lot.

And as a yearly tradition in this part of the year we add some Kenyan magic for an extra sweet and fruity touch. 

KIUNGU is the name of the coffee factory located on the rich green slopes of Mt. Kenya, almost on the equator. The C grade means small beans. Small beans means extra punch and well maintained freshness.


Then a word on the most popular 'milk' drink in the Specialty Coffee world: FLAT WHITE. 

The flat white was invented in Australia in the 1980s. Or possibly in New Zealand in the 1980s. The origin is disputed, but it stayed mostly Antipodean until a few years ago, when rumours of this semi-mythical drink started percolating through the speciality coffee world.

Finding an agreed-upon definition of what constitutes a flat white, however, is trickier.

To us, a Flat White is simply a medium sized coffee drink with milk, where the coffee does the talking.

The Caffenation recipe:

The base is a Mister LGB double shot espresso of 35 grams (say 3,5 cl), so very concentrated and intense. 

The plant based or whole milk we add is steamed to microfoam till it reaches 60 to 65 degrees.

The drink is served in a 20cl ceramic cup. You'll love it. 

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