New Roastery is coming to the town of Berchem

Planned since years and almost ready: our new coffee roastery and bar. 

We think we found the perfect spot in Berchem, in between the Lamorinièrestraat (nr 161) and the Groen Kwartier (till April this trespass will stay closed though). This old industrial site is exactly what fits well with our brand. It's grungy, rough, retro, industrial but still with a big city vibe underneath. 

We have a green coffee cellar with the roasting room above this storage. Both are already in use. The only thing still missing are new tech gear from our machine supplier to feed the greens in the coffee roasting machine and the afterburner to kill the fumes and coffee smells. Probably both sorted by March this year. 

Then we are almost ready with the roasted coffee storage room and distribution room. The first is in use since yesterday, the move of our distribution room is foreseen for the beginning of March. 

We have other storage space in the back of the building - not so important.

We have an office space in one room with our hardware (tools and equipment....).

Then there's storage for the new bar. 

And of course the bar itself. Also called labo, cupping room, class room, meeting room, etc.... The opening of this part is going to be the last step and hopefully on the agenda by May 1st. 

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