Our full range of colors plus something new: the Rare Coffee Series

Navigating through a plethora of around thirty single origin coffees yearly can indeed be overwhelming, especially when flavors overlap. To address this, we're introducing a structured approach to help you explore our diverse offerings—introducing the 'Colors' collection.

Begin your journey with our Espresso line, carefully curated for optimal shots. Transition to the versatile Omni Roast, designed to excel across various brewing methods. Conclude with our Filter coffees, each highlighting distinct regional nuances.

This categorization aims to simplify your choices, ensuring a seamless exploration of our extensive range without losing track. Stay tuned for an exciting palette of flavors as we guide you through the world of specialty coffee.



Blending washed and unwashed coffee beans creates a unique combination, providing a strong flavor punch and a well-balanced taste. This blend’s resilience, allowing for great taste even under less-than-optimal brewing conditions, adds to its appeal. We blend equal parts of (natural) Brazil, Guatemala and Rwanda. It has a great reputation for being a fantastic value for money.


We launched this color in 2019 as some of our clients disliked acidity and preferred something smooth, stable, full flavored, and good value.

This natural processed coffee can be bought as a stand-alone coffee or component in our Roast ED espresso blend. We do not recommend to brew Brazilian coffee for filter. Doing so you would be missing a lot of fun. 

Most years we stick to one smashing coffee for the IAN line. 


The Super Nova comes in grey bags or boxes, containing single origin coffees from various regions. The contents include washed coffees, as well as special editions like Special Processing, 90+, and Rare Coffee Series. Each package is accompanied by a special info card that provides details about the specific coffee and its taste profile. This approach adds a layer of uniqueness and information to the coffee experience, making it more than just a beverage but a curated exploration of different flavors and processing techniques.

At the end of the article some more info on the RARE COFFEE SERIES. 

THE OMNI ROASTS - so equally perfect for espresso or filter brewing. 


The LGB is a light roasted blend, consisting of two or three washed coffees from equatorial regions. The emphasis on fruitiness suggests a bright and vibrant flavor profile, making it suitable for clean espresso shots. At Caffenation we use it as a base for most milk or oat drinks. 

The versatility of this blend extends beyond espresso, as its clean and light qualities make it a favorite among those who appreciate a nuanced filter brewing experience.

We change the Mister LGB content every 3 months. 


Since June 2023, our natural processed coffees now come in vibrant pink XX bags, making it easier for coffee enthusiasts to differentiate between washed and natural processing.

Introducing Miss XX, a monthly-changing star boasting sweet and slightly funky tasting notes, providing a unique and flavorful experience for both espresso and filter.


Sugar Cane decaf is the bench mark in decaffeinated coffee since 6 years. At Caffenation we can’t imagine a life without it. And meanwhile it’s 2024, the level of coffee harvesting in Colombia made big progress over the decade and this we can taste in our Nocaf MO. We have one fixed coffee, called Tumbaga, for this color.




Still KEN, but soon Kenya KAY, a light-roasted Kenyan coffee that showcases the renowned fruity flavors and incredible acidity characteristic of Kenyan beans. With 10 distinct lots each year, all washed, we aim to highlight the diversity in flavors stemming from different regions, producers, and screen sizes (AA, AB, and PB). The frequent rotation allows us to offer coffees from this exceptional region throughout the year, with the small, round Peaberry beans preserving their freshness the longest. Given the limited availability of large Peaberry lots, our commitment to providing this unique experience requires us to source more diligently.


For most washed single origin coffees we use these red bags. Of course the espresso roasts are useable for filter brewing as well, but we personally prefer them a tad lighter. 

When the FIL bags are filled with coffees from our special series, being Special Processing, 90+ or Rare Coffee, we make sure you see the difference for each of them on the info card stapled on the top of the bag. 

RARE COFFEE SERIES: here we shine a light on unique and exceptional coffees deserving of extra attention. Our inaugural offerings, Papayo and Pink Bourbon, set the stage for this exploration of rare varieties. Stay tuned as we continue to catalog other uncommon gems under this distinguished flag, inviting you to savor the extraordinary in every cup.

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