World Aeropress Championship 2016 in Dublin

First of all; how did our Belgian Champ Emiel perform?

Well, very good actually. 

There was one massive First Round with 12 times 4 competitors.

Emiel won his round with unanimous votes for his cup. Massive! 

Then Semi Finals, where he lost against the future Bronze medal Hugo Sausa. Ooooh! 

In the Finals it was the Polish Champ Filip who hold back the big revelation of the day, French Champ Jerome, who's a non-professional, came all on his own to Dublin, and almost took the main prize, unbelievable. 

Because 1st and also 2nd recipes were very unique and original, we give em here. 

The winning recipe : 

Inverted position.

260 gram water at 81 degrees.

35 grams of coffee! (Emiel used even more for a similar technique)

  1. Pour 150 grams of water for 15 seconds
  2. Stir until 30 seconds
  3. Put the lid on, wait 1 minute
  4. Invert AeroPress, give it a swirl, plunge
  5. Add 100 to 120 grams of water to taste

The almost winning recipe : 

Normal position.

230 gram water at 95 degrees (oh my goodness, that's hot for an AP)!

20 grams of coffee, a tiny bit coarser than normal AP style. 

  1. Pour 40 grams of water during 10 seconds
  2. Let it steep for 20 seconds
  3. Pour water til you reach 230 grams during 40 seconds
  4. Push for 40 seconds

Ok, good luck at home with these challenging recipes. Good to see all kinds of Professional and Non-Professional Barista's thinking wide and having the guts to take on different techniques. Long live the Aeropress and the Aeropress Championships!

Oh yes, an extra warm hand for our Dutch friend Edward from Trakteren Amsterdam. He finished 4th with a comparable technique as Emiel and Filip, although they all created there recipe without looking at one another. A winning new style seems to be born. 

Here the final stage : 

1st place : Filip Kucharczyk of Cafe Targowa in Wrocław, Poland
2nd Place: Jerome Dittmar, a journalist from Lyon, France.
3rd Place: Hugo Sousa Rocco, Moka Clube in Curitiba, Brazil

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