5th Belgian Aeropress Championship Results

One more Aeropress Championship down the road and 2 more trophees on the shelf!

And one of them is the golden one. 

Going back in time to 2014 and Emiel, Caffenation Barista since 2010 - or was it 2009? - asks me to taste his recipe for the upcoming Aeropress Championship. I've been inventing and tasting a lot of Aeropress coffee recipes in my life, but it's very infrequent a cup jumps out. That day it happened and i told Emiel he would win the championship with such a cup. 

Maybe i shouldn't have said so, cause once on stage he fucked up and went home with another disillusion. 

Last Friday at 12h30 i'm sitting at Brasseurs for a lunch meeting, and i see Emiel racing on his single speed bike towards town. 

When i pass by the bar one hour later he has all his Aeropress tools open on the table in the distribution center and tests the competition coffee with his recipe. 

The cup i'm tasting was a tad too weak, but still i sense some kind of magic. In revanche of 2 years ago i keep my enthusiasm low profile, but do encourage him to fine tune a bit more meanwhile hoping for some luck in the finals the same night. Of course not only for him; i hope the best for all competitors, but not everyone asks me to judge up front....

10 hours later, while Emiel is putting on his crown as the new Belgian Aeropress Champ, i'm flabbergasted while tasting his final cup. This kid has the magic and is the full worthy successor of the legend Jeff Verellen, who's there next to me, with a big smile on his face as well.

I may not forget the other two fellas in the ring; Silver Dave Haesen and Bronze Michiel Stegen. Sometimes a big surprise stumbles into the finals, but not this time. These guys are rock solid and truly super ambassadors for the holy coffee tool called Aeropress. 


Good luck Emiel in Dublin.

And soon back here on the blog with the recipes of these 3 young but oh so gifted Barista's. 

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