Triple Y Report 2022

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We want to promote transparency in the world of specialty coffee and more at Caffenation. We strive to be a happy place for our team and an even more sustainable company than we already are.

In this day and age, we are spoiled with a wide range of quality coffee. With so many coffees, varieties, and ways to process coffee, our options seem endless. However, the future of (specialty) coffee as we know it, and the foundation of our industry, is at risk. Producers are being paid unsustainable prices, and let’s not forget about the devastating impact of climate change on coffee-producing regions.
This report has raised some questions that have made us reflect on ourselves, and we are thrilled about that. We acknowledge that we still have a lot of work to do, but we celebrate the achievements we have made thus far.
Allow us to present to you our second transparency report and our first
Triple Y: Transparency, Inclusion & Diversity, Sustainability - report.


Download the full 2022 Triple Y Report here

Last year, we released our first-ever annual Transparency Report and officially signed The Pledge. This milestone is vital in constructing a more equitable future for our industry. Green coffee buyers gain insight into prices paid for similar lots, while consumers precisely know the amount farmers receive. Additionally, producers develop a better understanding of the value of their coffees.

‘‘Greater transparency around coffee prices is good for the entire industry.’

At Caffenation, we aim to maintain transparency regarding both coffee and people. Who constitutes the Caffenation workforce, and who frequents our establishment to enjoy our coffee? This encompasses the size of our workforce as well as the diversity of age, gender, and roles within our team. Openly sharing information about our team composition aids us in progress, enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our company. Concurrently, we seek our customer base to mirror our baristas working behind the counter – diverse and inclusive.

In the previous year, we conducted an anonymous survey to provide a safe platform for everyone to express themselves candidly on specific subjects. This allowed individuals to voice what they had always wanted to say but perhaps never felt confident enough to articulate. Through this process, we gained valuable insights into our team, company, and even ourselves.

Sustainability in coffee is complex, but by transparently sharing our operations and future plans, we raise awareness about the issues we aim to address. At Caffènation, we prioritize daily reflection on sustainability. Financial stability for farmers is essential, but self-examination is crucial. How can our coffee roasting methods contribute? We go beyond waste separation to make a meaningful impact.

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