Aeropress Recipes from the TOP 3 Pressers of 2016

When entering an Aeropress competition, you have to be open to share. And for the most popular drinks of the year we want to know how it's made. 

BAC 2016 recipes : 

Number 1 : Emiel Rymenans (looks difficult) :

30 gr coffee (on a Hario scale) coarsely ground (French Press on a Mahlkonig Tanzania) and seeve. 

Inverted method 

Water (from the Brita installation at Caffenation-PPM 100) at 85 degrees, all the way.

Blooming : 120 ml, in the middle of the grind, a bit of turbulence for 40"

Pour on, 40" till number 3 on the tube is reached

Break the crust by stirring gently 4 times

Wait another 10"

Screw on the filter (with 2 well flushed paper filters) and flip the press

Swerl the AP on the (Hario) server

Press very gently (with your arm, not hand) for 50" till you have 85 grams of coffee!!

Add 120 ml of 85 degrees water (americano styled)

Cool asap the coffee down till 50 degrees and serve. 

Number 2 : Dave Haesen (looks easy - try this at home) : 

Inverted method

27gr in (coarse - with a Rhinowares Compact Hand Grinder!)

127gr water at 84°c

Gentle stir at 40sec

Flip at 1.05min

35sec push/ until 85gr of concentrate

Fil up americano style to 200gr

Number 3 : Michiel Stegen (look very difficult, but ideal in summer times) : 

Spa water at 80°C in your kettle of preference (Bonavita has a more stable hold-function in our opinion)
Rinse 1 paper filter and your plunger under hot running water.

Use 16.5 grams of selected beans and grind at 9.5 in an EK-43 with standard burr settings, we use a cocktail shaker to catch the coffee in, don't use the bag holder on the grinder, keep it approximately 10cm under the chute. This way, more fines and shafts will jump out, then wipe the inside edges clean. Next, tilt the shaker and blow whilst gently shaking to remove more unwanted coffee particles.

Put the ground coffee in your right side up AeroPress and level out. Bloom with 40 grams of water for 25 seconds, then top up to 250 grams in about 20 seconds, try not to pour too violently. Immediately put on the plunger and start pushing down, you want to push until the upmost part of your brew touches the ① - this should take you about a minute. We usually finish between 1:50 and 2:00 total brew time.

Next step was a bit of a gamble with the rules: pour your brew through a pre-rinsed chemex, this will vastly improve clarity to your cup.

Then cool down the brew in a chilled cocktailshaker, serve at 26°C!!!! 


To finish off, i hope this will motivate all of you, Aeropress and coffee lovers to start experimenting and maybe take one of these recipes with you to next year's championship. 

Watch out : The recipes are all based on a certain coffee (Rwanda Huye Mountain Karambi) with a certain roasting profile (by Caffenation). 

(using Chemex, V60 or other extra filtering equipment will probably not be allowed at the WAC or next year's BAC - check this with the local organisation or head judge if you want to use this...)

Good luck,



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