BAC 2018: Results and Recipes

Friday night September 21st became a milestone for Caffenation with 3 Barista's on the 3 steps of the Aeropress Championship podium. Gold, Silver and Bronze for Nanigui, Giel and Lotte, in this particular order.
The international judges liked these 3 Aeropress coffees of these 3 persons best. 
We have below the recipes from the 3 finalists, in order from 1st till 3rd. 
Coffee: Ruthagati AB, Kenya Nyeri
Roaster: Caffènation
Importer: 32 cup
Aeropress recipe Nanigui Patel: 
Aeropress position: Regular - upright
Filter: Four paper filters (yes 4!)
Coffee Weight: 34g
Grinder: Ditting KR 804 - coarsest grind (9)
Water: Brita 80 PPM Championship water at 87 degrees
Method: 120g of coffee for 40" blooming - (no stirring!)
After 80" infusion: Easy push with the elbow (* Roeland Lenaerts copyright) for 30". 
By pass after the brew: 115g
Served at 50 to 55 degrees. 
Rob Says: So very easy to copy recipe. Nanigui decided to not agitate the coffee too much. She let nature do the work and brewed it very gentle and calm. This resulted in a well balanced and clean cup, with an extra accent towards the sweet notes. 
Aeropress recipe Giel Torfs:
Aeropress Position: Inverted
Filter: metal and paper
Preparation: Rinse all filters
Coffee Weight: 35g
Grinder: Ditting
Grind: on Ditting KR 804 - coarsest grind (9)
Water weight: 310g
Water: Spa Reine glass bottled 
Temperature: 84 degrees
  1. Put 35g coffee in the Aeropress
  2. Start timer and slowly add 150g of water over 20-22 seconds.
  3. Stir slowly for 10 seconds
  4. Flip the Aeropress at 1 min and start pressing slowly at 1 min 20 sec until 2 min
  5. Bypass 150-175g
  6. Served 200 grams to the judges

Rob Says: A little more complexity and strengt in this cup. Less smooth or sweet than Nanigui. 

Aeropress recipe Lotte Conard: 

Aeropress position: Regular (no by pass recipe)
Filter: double paper
Coffee Weight: 18,3g
Grinder: Baratza Encore
Water: Spa Reine glass bottled
Temperature water: 78 degrees!
Blooming: 60g for 40"
Pouring: very slow, all the rest of the water, 180g
Stir: 2 times after pouring
Infusion: 90"
Push: for 20"
Served at 50 degrees. 
Rob Says: Very classic recipe and why not. Lotte wanted to accentuate the smooth flavors (honey, melon) and floral notes of the Rutagati coffee. Very light cup, almost underextracted, but clean. 




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