BAC 2019: Report and Results

81 participants at this year Belgian Aeropress Championship and the winner is: DANNY CALDERS!

We had two Regionals qualification tournaments this year, with 13 winners at Way Gent and 14 winners at Mok Leuven. What a surprise to notice all finalists came from the Gent Regionals with this podium as a final result:

1) Danny Calders (free lance barista Caffenation, Cuperus, Vitesse, Melbourne, ...)

2) Lara Kuzmina (My Little Cup Brussels)

3) Simon De Rutter (Mok Leuven)

At Caffenation we had only one Barista on stage last Friday. From the 27 finalists, which was 9 more then the other years, Hanne was defending our colors, but she lost in her heat (1 vote against 2) from Dietmar. 

The other semi-finalists were, except from the finalists, Jens en Audeline (Mok), Carl (ex-Mok), Jasper (Tane-Noir) and Leslie (Full Circle).

All were presenting great cups, but there can only be one winner of course. Danny, who was the local fan favourite, finished already 3rd a couple of years ago and seemed to be the judges (in random order Dajo, Kim, Coby and Charles) first pick with unanimous wins over the other competing baristas. 

He prepped a sweet and clean cup, with a very typical Ethiopian character. We publish the recipes of all three finalists later on the week. 

I still want to thank Jens from Mok and Charlene from Way for getting along with us in this 8th BAC. 

Thank you Lieke for the administration and organisation, all volunteers, all 11 judges and of course the sponsors Atticus, Oatly, Limarc La Marzocco, Hario, Brita, Aerobee and 32 Cup.

And of course TEMAM ABA MECHA, producer of the great natural processed competition coffee. 

Good luck to Danny at the WAC in London, November 24th. We are convinced he's the ideal man to defend our national colors. 


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