BAC 2019: The Recipes of the winner(s)

As obligatory we give you the winning Aeropress recipes. 

Please do try this at home or in your bar.

We want you to spread this kind of coffee love.

Number 1, Danny Calders:

Water: 50% Spa Reine/blue, 50% home made) - total used 260ml
Grind size: 4 on Handground manual Comandante grinder, fines discarded
total 28gr coffee
Filter: 1x Ameuus O1 10K metal & 1x paper Aesir, both from Canada)

Method: inverted

1. pour 120ml water at 55C in a server and cover, pre-wet the filter
2. add 28gr of coffee in the inverted Aeropress
3. pour 140ml water at 85C, stir 4 times at 0:30
4. brew till 3:10, stir 4 times, put cap on and press out air
5. flip the aeropress at 3:30 and press for 30sec on top of the water in the server
6. swirl & serve!

Number 2, Lara Kuzmina:

Water: Spa Reine/Blue (glass bottle)

Method: inverted

1) pre-heat water to 89 degrees
2) put the ground coffee (30 g) - Comandante Grinder, 1 notch coarser than V60
3) pour 120 g of hot water
4) give it a stir
5) let it steep for 1 min 10 sec. In the meantime put the cap on with 1 paper filter, flip your Aeropress over
6) start plunging at 1 min 10 sec (for 30 sec)
7) add 160 g of hot water
8) wait for it to cool down a bit and it’s done!
Number 3, Simon De Rutter:
Grinder: Comandante Grinder - set on 14
Water: Spa Reine/Blue
Method: Classic position
1) Grind 34,6 grams of coffee
2) Get the water temperature at 93 degrees
3) Pour on 120 ml of water
4) Let it steep for 1 minute
5) Press slowly for 30 seconds
6) Add water (at 80 degrees)
7) Cool down till 50 degrees, by transfering over between two big glass servers 
8) Enjoy your coffee!

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