Best Caffenation coffees 2017

Here in a flash our favorite coffees of last year, 2017.

Espresso Roasts:

1) Costa Rica Central Valley FINCA EL VENADO Yellow Honey

2) Kenya Muranga WEITHAGA AA

3) Brazil Sul de Minas FAZENDA PE DE CEDRO Yellow Bourbon Natural

4) Peru Cajamarca CHIRINOS

5) Ethiopia Sidamo SUKE QUTO Pulped Natural


We tasted most of our coffees on the new La Marzocco Strada with the La Marzocco BWT Reverse 0smosis system. Cups are a bit brighter and this makes the honeys and natural shine like never before.

In general much better processed coffees world wide, with honeys and pulped coffees that almost taste like washed coffees, but much sweeter and more complex. 

And washed coffees becoming more fragile which gives them quite often not enough body to shine on espresso. We see this relatively often with Grade 1 Ethiopian coffees. Here we tend to adjust the roasting and brew the coffees at a higher temperature. If not the acidity is totally off the taste palate. 

The number one EL VENADO was at it best very fresh in the season and gave enormous complexity. 


Filter Roasts:

1) Kenya Muranga WEITHAGA AA

2) Costa Rica Central Valley FINCA TELIA SL 28

3) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe REKO

4) Kenya Mt Elgon KAPSOKISIO AA

5) Rwanda Ngororero MATYAZO

All washed coffee here. 

The REKO had the highest cupping score, but only after aging 6 months in the warehouse. Luckily we still have enough (aged) stock now to feed you guys some more the next couple of months.

3rd year in a row a Muranga coffee is the number one coffee of the year, on filter and overall. I guess we need to keep this not so known area on our radar and score some more Weithaga or Kiriaini coffee on our next Buyers Trip (in March), although i heard they lacked some rain last year and have less good lots for sale.

Overal typical African beauties, but also fantastic coffee from Costa Rica and the first listed Brazilian coffee in 10 years, thanks to the good sourcing from our closest supplier, 32 Cup Coffee Merchants in Antwerp. 


What to expect in 2018? Always tricky to predict much for the Centrals (Central American coffees). Here it is always up and down and not easy to steal the prime lots out those hungry US hands....

We have on the planning for the upcoming months: three superb Peruvian coffees, some more Rwanda and 2 fruity Colombians. So stay tuned on this channel for more soon.


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