Best Caffenation coffees of 2023 - Filter and Espresso

Simple and fast foward, the TOP 5 coffees of the year

(selected by all Caffenation staff).


5) Ethiopia Jimma BIFTU GUDINA & Ethiopia Yirgacheffe CHELBESA Danche Natural

4) Colombia Huila RICHARDO SILVA Pink Bourbon

3) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe GEDEB

2) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe KONGA

1) Kenya Nyeri GATINA AA


5) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe KONGA

4) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe GEDEB

3) Colombia RICARDO SILVA Pink Bourbon

2) Kenya Nyeri GATINA PB

1) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe CHELBESA Danche Natural

So actually there's a serious consensus. Out of 37 different coffees (a couple ran over 2 years) we have 5 coffees dominating the votes. And switching places for filter or espresso. 

Kenya, Ethiopia, and Colombia. Washed coffees are favored over naturals, and significantly more than anaerobic or specially fermented coffees, which didn't garner many votes.

Yirgacheffe was crowned as the top coffee region this year. Although most of these popular coffees are sold out, the Gedeb is intermittently available, and the Gatina PB will be back soon. Not to forget, Konga will soon be our primary espresso coffee for all plant-based caps at Caffenation KOCO.

Keep checking our website to stay updated and enjoy your coffee journey.

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