BLUE is good for you

Blue is the newest baby in the Caffenation family. It's a bar we opened last weekend at Mechelsesteenweg 127 in Antwerp. The ambition is to reach more people for good times and tasty coffee. But behind the scenes there is much more happening. Our pastry, mainly cakes and cinnamon rolls, became so successful in recent years that we decided it was time to group our baking efforts and produce all the cakes and rolls, together with some more specialized pastries, in a separate bakery. But what's a bakery without a bar? Absolutely nothing, at least not to Caffenation standards, so we built a bar around it. Of course we want to show off what we do backstage, so lots of tasty bits and bites are offered alongside your favourite espresso, cappuccino or cup of nitro. 

We open all days of the week, except for bank holidays.

Hours: weekdays: from 8 till 5. Saturday and Sunday 10 till 5. 

So see you hopefully soon on the Blue* side. 

* Credits: The name Blue was invented by Patrick Smolders, our graphical designer. He was inspired by the former police station located in this building. But also; the bar vibe we were looking for was Jazz bar lounge, in daylight. Something that reminds us of old Jazz records, think Blue Note, Prestige, etc.... And this you find back in the graphics. 

More credits: Most of the bar design and building was done by Nick Bal.

More credits: Almost all of the rest of the space in this 8 floor building is occupied by the building owner, and therefor our landlord, Schoups Advocaten. It's thanks to their efforts and partnership we were able to achieve such a great result. 

More credits: The already famous concrete pillars in front of the building are designed by Philip Aguirre.

Final credits: The architect company who were in charge of all works is called Ono.

Oh, almost forgotten, a big thank you to all companies who are helping us at Blue, but primarily our two main sponsors. Water supplier BRITA who makes sure 99% of our coffees taste pure and clean. And ALPRO, who give us a helping hand with our plant based drinks. 

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