Caffenation goes Drip Bags. History and practice.


In the 70's coffee bags, which were just like tea bags but filled with ground coffee, were invented, but failed to catch on.

The first time drip bags saw day light was in the 80's. However, it was only in 1990 when large corporations like Yamanaka Industrial Co. began investing in drip coffee bags that the concept became popular. These companies were seeking a lightweight version of filtered (pour-over) coffee to retail to hotels and offices for single-serve usage.

It was only from around 2010 drip bags became popular. Mainly in Asia, but step by step it popped up all over the world.


You could be in the workplace, on the road, or up in the sky! Ready–to-brew coffee bags are designed to stay fresh for longer (thanks to some nifty nitrogen flushing) and just the right amount for one cup of coffee. Another major perk is they’re brewable no matter where you are. Simply add some H²O and you’re good to go. 


Not a single expensive espresso machine or pour-over set-up in sight! The easy nature of these coffee products makes them handy for drinkers on the go, and super approachable for those just starting their foray into the world of specialty coffee.


Over the last couple of years, we have seen a steep increase in demand for drip bags. When we searched the market, we noticed that nearby production was problematic, with the closest partners located in Taiwan or South Africa.

While drip bags in general are not considered sustainable, shipping coffee and/or drip bags around the planet exacerbates this issue. Additionally, high shipping costs can make prices soar. Therefore, we decided to take matters into our own hands and started manufacturing our own drip bags.

We do not produce the drip bag paper or the sachet that holds the bag, but everything else—from grinding to bagging and sealing—is done at our factory in Antwerp.

Honestly, we do not flush our grounds with nitrogen, as this would demand very high investments. To maintain freshness and high quality, we bag the coffee quickly and ensure high rotation. Once our volumes increase, we will explore improvements in automation, storage, and distribution, and we will keep you informed of our progress.

For now, we keep volumes low and fillings fresh. We are extremely proud of both the content—using only our finest single-origin coffees for this project—and the consistent quality of the brewed cup.

We are launching the drip bags in three colors, each representing a different origin or processing method.

  • The current FILTER FIL is ETHIOPIA CHELBESA DANCHE (more info available online). An info card is attached to all 5-packs.
  • The current KENYA KAY is KENYA BARAGWI AB (more info available online). An info card is attached to all 5-packs.
  • The current MISS XX is COLOMBIA BOMBA DE FRUTA (more info available online). An info card is attached to all 5-packs.

We offer special prices for wholesale, packing each color with ten 5-packs, allowing us to split profits and keep sales prices affordable.

Lastly, regarding price and content: most drip bags we tested were only capable of brewing around 18 cl. We thought this was relatively small for filter coffee and therefore decided on a 14-gram filling for 25 cl brews, offering more value for money and a decent cup of coffee anywhere, anytime. Enjoy!


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