A couple topics today, but first of all the new Mister LGB called EAster LGB BUNNY:

Probably we had a little less enthusiastic reaction on the last Carnevale as with the Sweet X-mas. Less Ethiopia and some ‘potato-defect’-trouble were the downside.

But seasons are changing off course and coffee stays a natural product.

Next LGB has only 2 components; one from Burundi and one from Peru.

This years Burundi crop has been amazing and we bought 2 nice lots. The first one to go into the LGB is the KIBUNGERE (lot 2) from the Nyabihanga region.

The variety is (the sweet) bourbon and picked around 1700 masl (meters above sea level). Kibungere works with smallholders coffee farmers from 4 different districts in Nyabihanga commune in Mwaro province.

The second component comes from Peru. It is the first time we buy specialty coffee from this country. Ofcourse we had a good reason to do so.  

The Cajamarca CHIRINOS is a due to its low acidity combined with a sweet and round body ideal for espresso. And clean and punchy enough to marry milk.  

The EAster LGB  should kick in around april 10th and continues for 7 - 8 weeks (only).


New Kenya we found are probably only at the port by end May. In between we sell out Gatomboya and then a small new lot of the incredible Kenya Kirinyage Kii AA!

Ethio PIA is still the BIFTU GUDINA, till the new Ethiopia crop lands end of May. Expect some brilliant Guji, Kochere, Chelelectu and Konga.

Other new coffees on the shelf or in the pipeline:

Burundi Mahonda

(semi Direct Trade) Colombia Paraiso

Rwanda Western Province Musasa (lot 3)

Peru Cajamarca La Encantada

More news on the new Roastery in Berchem where the 2nd of 3 stages is done.

2nd stage is our distribution center with hardware storage and office. We wait with official visits and tours till the finish of the bar/labo, that’s foreseen for half May.

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