Ethio PIA - what is this?

New this Summer is this blue with copper brown bag, called PIA.

Since ever Ethiopia is our fav origin for Espresso brewing. We use it as a Single Origin Coffee or we blend it in. 

The blending in the Roast ED is mainly with a more conventional/commercial washed Yirgacheffe. Always tasty. 

Sometimes we use a natural bit of Ethiopia, like the Harar, to give this blend extra fruitiness, body and roughness. 

In our main blend Mr LGB we use washed Ethiopians as well. Specialty stuff that gives a lot of fruit, floral tones and tastes very good with milk.

The best beans from this origin were sold very often as a 'single bean'. Is has a wide palet and the last couple of year a relatively low acidity. 

This year we want to do the same for espresso as what we did with Kenya in our Filter offering : present a single bean for the whole season. The season now is Summer and the bean is called Chelelectu. 

This coffee release comes from a small private wetmill in the community of Chelelectu in Yirgacheffe at an altitude of 1950 masl. We don’t know a place in Ethiopia where the processing is done is such a acurate manner. And that’s one of the reasons the Chelelectu is a yearly winner, scoring very high on the cupping table.
This is an Ethiopian Heirloom coffee, which means rather than being one varietal of coffee it’s actually a mix of the natively growing varietals of the area. It’s this mix that gives it the complexity that’s a signature of Ethiopian coffee.
The grade 1 is the highest sort of screening and bagging which helps to avoid unnecessary defective beans landing up in your bag.

Online or at our Caffenation shop we sell 250 gram bags for €8. I guess the average price in 2015 for this Chelelectu was somewhere around 13 euro's a bag, so a bargain ladies and gentlemen!!

For professional we launch this PIA for a ridiculous price of €19 a kilo!! Just mail me the amount of kilo's you want and we ship the fresh beans asap. It's relatively light roasted, so more focus on fruit, dark chocolate acids and florals, which tastes crisp and clean and combines fantastic with milk!

(on the photo we see the great set up by a fanatic home barista (Nik) who told this was his favorite coffee this year) 

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