Ethiopia: an ungoing coffee quest at the cradle of coffee

ETHIOPIA has been our number one country since the first day we started in 2003. On an average year 1/3rd of our coffee is sourced from the birth land of coffee. 

Home to wild arabica’s natural habitat and containing nearly all the world’s genetic diversity in coffee.

Ethiopia’s complex history of coffee cultivation and processing makes it almost impossible to offer an exact map of all regions, but the most important ones are covered by Caffenation.

In the beginning (around 2003) we had coffee from Harrar and Yirgacheffe only, but soon other regions as Sidamo and Limu followed. Later on we saw a tear-off from these two regions with a separate denomination for Guji and Jimma.

Lekempti and Djimma has never been our type of region, neither does Bale, Kaffa or Bench Maji. 

When till 2018 we saw 95% of our Ethiopian offer being washed coffees, we now have a totally different spread of, let's say, 75% washed/25% natural. We even had honey and pulped natural lots last year, but these are not the horizon so far in 2020. 

This years crop is mind blowing and thanks to our trip to origin and hard work at the sample roastery lab we have by the end of June already laid our hands on 6 different lots, all cupping very high scores! 

(a separate post on our trip to origin, Ethiopia, on this same site/blog)

With the Worka, Nana Challo and Chelchele (natural) we have three big names and spectacular coffees starting off this years season. All clean, well balanced coffees with tasty fruit elements and suitable for both espresso and filter brewing. 

More info on all these jewels on our 'what's in the bag' blog! Please click the link for more info.

I hope you like em as much as i do. 

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