FRUIT BOMB coffee blend

In this version of our most popular espresso coffee blend, our goal was to create maximum fruitiness so it harmonizes well with milk. At first, adding 1/4th of Kenya and 1/4 of natural processed coffee to the blend seemed risky, but tasting the final cup brought a huge smile on our faces.

The Kenyan ‘KAGAA C’ is the ideal cornerstone we’ve been searching for for years. When we search for Kenyan coffee, we usually look for maximum sweetness and acidity to shine through in your cup of filter coffee. For ‘Mister LGB’ however, we are looking for beans with modest acidity, a nice body, and good blending qualities. This is where the Kenyan ‘KAGAA C’ ticks all the right boxes! Besides having the right taste, this C lot is budget-friendly enough to make sure your ‘Mister LGB’ is, as always, great value for money.

For the first time, we’ve added the Guatemalan, naturally processed coffee ‘EL BOQUERON’ to our famous green bag. When cupping this bean for the first time, we were impressed by this very fat and fruity coffee. Exactly what we were dreaming of…

Finishing the blend is the Colombian ‘AICARDO PRESIGA’, the stable holder in this exceptional combination. This bean delivers a clean and straight-forward coffee with a subtle spicy aftertaste. It blends wonderfully with the other elements and makes ‘Mister LGB’ a fruit bomb, and the perfect base for all your ‘milk-based’ or ‘plant-based’ drinks. Cheers!

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