Our Kenya KEN is our most popular single origin filter coffee. Of course always from Kenya, seasonal - changing every two or three months and bought by us at origin. 

This KIANGUNDO AA bean comes from the washing station in Karantina with the same name and was visited by our Green Coffee Buying team last March. 

Kiangundo stared in 1956 already and represents now 1500 farmers who own, all together, almost 200000 coffee trees. 
They have modern and well developed practices and also a separate terrain where they teach the young or unexperienced farms how to plant, harvest and process coffee.
You can buy this exceptional coffee in our bars or online, both professional/wholesale ( or retail (

More info on the bean underneath:

  • Big acidic notes like lemon and red berry
  • Floral notes like lavendel
  • Bright and clean cup
Variety: SL28& SL34
Process: Washed
Cupping score: 88,75
Soil: Red volcanic soils that are rich in phosphorus and are well drained
Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants
Rob Says: Almost every year we see the AA screened coffees cupping a little bit higher then its AB and PB counter parts.
If you talk ‘acidity; the AA is a totally different ball game. And when you taste the coffee on brightness or aftertaste (loooooong), you immediately know why we have to pay the extra buck to get coffees like the Kiangundo AA in our basket.
Most of the coffees from Nyeri develop and mature slowly producing extra hard beans. This quality is also evident in the cup. This is why Nyeri is traditionally known as the heart of Kenya’s black gold coffee.

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