The LGB for June and July: Mister Let's Go Belgium

1/2 Colombia Narino FINCA EL EUCALIPTO

1/2 Peru Cajamarca HUABAL

Nothing African in this version of the LGB, in which we support the Red Devils football players in their quest for the first Belgian World Cup Trophee.

The FINCA EL EUCALIPTO is our favourite Colombian coffee this year, produced by the Cabrera Family, and consists of Caturra and Colombian varientals.

The cup is very clean and bright, but still easy going and excellent with milk, thanks to the subtle acidic notes.

The HUABAL from Cajamarca Peru was already scoring in the Spring version of the LGB last 2 months. People like the smooth mouthfeel of this coffee that also contains notes of caramel, chocolate, cola and apple.

Of course both are washed coffees and roasted light and fresh.

Does this all sounds spectacular enough to try this fruity espresso blend straight up or as a base for your favorite milk drink? Or why not use this coffee for your drip system. Good luck in June or July sipping from your favorite cup while Lukaku scores a goal. “Tsel!”


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New Coffees in the house:
New Crop Ethiopia is simply madness. One from Yirgacheffe and Limu already on the grinders and one from Sidamo (Gora Kone) on the way to the warehouse.
Guatemala is later then other years, with one exception: Rudy Garcia's fantastic Catuai lot; something to look forward to. 
More info on our blog:
The 9 selected Kenya lots i picked in Nairobi last March should be in Antwerp by the start of the World Cup as well. Yes, it's going to be one exciting month!!
May 31, 2018 by Robrecht Berghmans