Mr LGB Blossom


2/3 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe CHELELEKTU

1/3 Peru Cajamarca HUABAL

For this Mr LGB we have the all famous Yirgacheffe CHELELEKTU as our main component. This Grade 1 is a washed coffee and a mix of the natively growing varietals of the area. It’s this mix that gives it the complexity that’s a signature of Ethiopian coffee.

The coffee is super clean and works really well with fresh milk. Just what we are looking for as our main component in this blend, seen as a Specialty Milk Drink blend.

Counter part is the first coffee from the 2018 ‘American crop’. Traditionally it’s Peru that kicks off first. Because of the great succes of the Cajamarca Chirinos last year, we have something common in mind; Cajamarca HUABAL. A very creamy coffee with chocolate and fruity notes that blends very easily.

Brewing advice: we will start experimenting soon to find out more about machine settings. Please feel free to contact us or to drop by at the bar for ideas and recipes.

And why not for filter brewing? At our main bar in the Center of Antwerp we sell those small bags a lot to people who use it for slow coffee….

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