Mr LGB Carnevale is coming to town (3rd week of Jan 17)

The Sweet X-Mas blend was the biggest hit we ever had. The raise in sales was above all expectations!! If i may believe all the positive reactions, we achieved what we may call ‘quality that sells itself’.

The blend was packed with three high cupping expensive coffees and the balance was working. Ton loads of fruit and just enough acidity to make your cappuccino’s shine.

If this is the line that you have been looking for, we keep on walking it. The new Mr LGB has Italian Carnival as theme and contains 3 African gems.

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe KONGA was the powerhouse upon which the X-Mas blend was build, so we bought the last 48 bags from the 32cup warehouse to keep on rolling.

The Rwanda Huye BUREMERA is a punchy fresh crop coffee that gives some roughness, acidity and body to the cup. It’s a tad less clean than the Konga, but stronger.

And we tune it off, for 20%, with this superb Kenya, the Nyeri KIAMABARA AA. We fell short of the Windrush last time and threw in the Kangocho half way. This Kiamabara is something in between. Smoother than most Kenya’s, but less acidic.

The Carnevale should kick in second half of Jan and continue till half March.

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