New Mr LGB is called Sunny. 
It is 2 parts of Colombia Huila El Paraiso.
and 1 part of Burundi Gitega Mahonda.
A tad later in the season than usual we started roasting this very tasty Colombian called EL PARAISO. This lot we bought via Caravela, who work directly with the farmers. This is a semi direct trade and a high cupping coffee. As a single origin it lacked a bit of mouthfeel and stability, but therefor we have this counter part.....
MAHONDA, which is an almost yearly classic. It is late in the season for Burundi's, but they always last long and with the Ethiopian coffees being too fresh still, this one should be the perfect partner for our Colombian coffee.  
This Sunny blend is an in between one; 
We expect by mid august the Guatemala Finca Medina playing the first violin. Most probably with an Ethiopian friend mixed in the bag. 

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