New bar in town - Eat Dust, Drink Coffee (plant based)

As most Caffenation lovers know by now, we opening a new bar in Antwerp, our home town. 

Under the working title KOCO we go for a Plant Based Coffee bar under the same roof with Eat Dust, Volkstraat 2. 

In 2003 i started Caffenation at Hopland, Antwerp. A revolutionary bar fully specialized in coffee drinks and beans. 

In 2007 we opened a second Caffenation at Oever, Antwerp.

In 2010 we started the Coffee Roastery.

In 2012 the bar at Hopland transformed into a small Take Away bar (for 1 year) and a new big bar (and distribution center) opened at Mechelsesteenweg. 

In 2014 Bert and I opened Caffenation Amsterdam at the Theophile de Bockstraat/Warmondstraat.

In 2015 Lieke came on board and we moved our roastery to Pakt, called it our Head Quarters and added a new bar.

In 2021 we announce a new project in collaboration with Eat Dust. The bar is as specialized as all our other venues, with the same quality ambition, but fully plant based. 

Of course we wouldn't be Caffenation if we weren't having high ambitions in terms of service and quality.

We think plant based coffee drinks, and food in general, is the future and want to showcase our newest idea's and flavours on that matter in this bar. Therefor we asked Yaeko on board. She is co-owner of this project and will manage the daily activity. For this project she is digging deeper in this relatively new domaine.

There is still a long way to go for Yaeko and her team, but our newest Oat Drink and different processed and roasted coffee are already kicking new blood into the 'good old cappuccino'. 

You want to taste this for yourself, or sipping a cup of the very well known black Caffenation espresso and filter coffees, along with home made bakery goods? You are more than welcome any day of the week at Volkstraat 2 - this is on the big crossroad with Nationalestraat, Geuzestraat and Kronenburgstraat. Cheers. Rob

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