New coffee colors in town

Welcome Nature AL and Sweet JOSé! 

NATURE AL: The first version of these natural processed coffee capsules is filled with coffee from Guatemala Santa Rosa, called EL BOQUERON.

We couldn't find a comparable natural processed coffee with such type of flavor on the Nespresso capsules market; not from Nespresso itself or any other roastery. I know some people think such a processed coffee stinks and don't want to go anything further than a traditional Brazilian natural. For those who are not familiar with coffee flavors and terminology; natural processing is a method where the farmer dries the coffee cherry with the beans still trapped inside its own flesh and skin, while in washed processing the beans are ripped out of the cherry, washed fanatically and then dried in the sun. In Brazil 99% of the natural processed coffee is processed without water, because of the lack of it. And we're all used to that. On top; washed Brazilian coffee exists but tastes .... very boring and weak. 

In Guatemala almost all coffees are washed, but bit by bit soms farmers and mills are experimenting and so they did at El Boqueron. The sweetness is omnipresent and those fermenty by-flavors adds a funky note. You'll love it or you hate it. And Caffenation risks it.

Best drink this straight, without milk or sugar. 

For the SWEET JOSE we took the Decaf DAN from our beans line up but changed names.


Well, we noticed a lot of people are too prejudiced when you drop the word 'decaf'. 

This coffee from Huila Colombia is a great specialty coffee bean, carefully decaffeinated with Ethyl acetate and mountain water, and the best a man can get on this domaine. 

We want to make sure that the quality of the bean and its processing (and our roasting) comes first, and not a bla-bla-bla decaf talk. 

Also the decaf market is totally fucked up by dozens of coffee roasters who delivered a very bad job on this domain. No wonder people expect nothing (good) when they sip from a cup filled with decaf. But looking at it from this side, it's maybe easier for us to score on the decaf front when it's up for grabs. 

Nature AL costs €5 for a box of 10 capsules, all Nespresso compatible and fully compostable. 

Sweet JOSé €4,50 for a box of 10 capsules, same stuff. 

For bigger volumes and professional buying: we have deals for you at the regular .be site or pro shop: (for all VAT holders). Cheers.

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