New Mister LGB & X-Mas Coffees 2022

With the end of the year coming, we all start drinking that bit more coffee. More work gets dropped on the agenda and has to be done, also for our girls Bogenna, Sofie and Nicky. Time to peak their performances and plan their actions for the coming time. 

This winters’ Mister LGB gives the stage to these three girls, who are doing a lot of work in front and behind the scenes.

Bogenna, an interior designer gifted with an excellent taste, is our bright visual content creator, social media manager and sparkling barista at the same time. 

Sofie, clever jack of all trades and people manager, is our wonderful direct mail manager and co-head of distribution. 

Nicky, experienced head barista, is our witty admin and copywriting assistant. On top of that she is in charge of our triple Y program (transparency-sustainability-diversity). 

Three wonderful and clever people and therefore we chose three nice and crisp coffees to get along. For this CRISP & CLEVER we blend:



½ Ethiopia DARETU

The BULAMBULI, coming from Uganda, is one of the most surprising coffees this year. A clean washed coffee with a nice touch of acidity. 

ROSY GABRIELA AMAYA, a female coffee farmer out of Honduras, produces a coffee that aims for body and flavor. Chocolate notes that go along real nice with the fruitiness of the other components.

DARETU, out of Yirgacheffe, is the leader of this pack. This kind of coffee is typical for the general aim of our Mister LGB, which is a fruity, clean and stable coffee for all milk and plant based drinks. 

All beans in the CRISP & CLEVER are light roasted and the blend is suitable for straight espresso or filter coffee as well.


For our X-MAS COFFEES we stay loyal to our African love with coffee from Kenya and Ethiopia. 


  • Kumquat & floral notes
  • Tomato sour & lemon acidity
  • A touch of golden kiwi

Cooperative: Kiama

Station manager: Stephen Kinyua

Processing: Washed

Variety: RUIRU 11, SL28, SL34

Importer: Sucafina Specialty

Rob says: For the world of quality coffee, Kenyan coffees are renowned for their African Washing styles, bright acidity and strong complexity. While searching for our 2022 X-mas coffee, one of our goals was to find a complex coffee with a lively acidity. That’s why I’m delighted we found this ICHUGA with AB screening/grade.

The Ichuga washing station/factory is a sister company of the better known Kiangundo station. They utilise a traditional fully washed process using fresh water from Gathiururuko stream. Cherries are delivered to the wetmill where they undergo carful sorting to select only ripest for processing.

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