Peru, Trip To Origin

Last month our head roaster Jeff traveled to Peru, to learn more about their coffee cultivation practices and of course to score some new coffee beans....

Peru has been seen as a C-type of coffee country where you were just buying bulk for your basic or cheaper blends. 

Because it lands first of all new crop coffees it had more attention than it sometimes deserved. From time to time we had traders promoting this origin, but year after year the samples we received were cupping way too low to our standards.


So when the people from Cafe Imports Europe knocked our door last January with new Peru samples, we were not very enthusiastic, although we gave them the benefit of the doubt.

This pessimism changed quickly when we started cupping them. And we became even more happy once we heard about the good prices. That's when we decided to buy in big on the Chirinos and a small lot of La Encantada. Both washed coffees came from the Cajamarca region, were very well balanced and cupped around 86/87 points. 

Over the 6 months we roasted the coffee the freshness and flavors of the beans were rock steady and more and more people told us how much they liked them, certainly the Chirinos seemed to be a crowd pleaser. 

Here more info on both lots.

So for our 2018 planning we though it would be a wise idea to visit Peru coffee country with Cafe Imports.

Jeff had a look on their practices and cupped dozens of coffees. Some more conventional, but also a lot of high specialty ones....

We picked out 3 different lots that we hope to receive around the beginning of the new year. For Filter or Espresso of the week, but also for our Mr LGB blend. Something to look forward to.

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