Rich JOE Roast

Ready to follow us to the dark side?

Soon we launch something totally new: after roasting light for 12 years, and keep on doing so, we want to explore other taste domains and highlight different flavors. That's why we decided to leave the light roast for once and roast our beans with a more dominant profile. By doing so we lower the acidity and gain body. The cup tastes stronger and a some bitters come into play.

Of course we wouldn't be Caffenation by lowering the quality bar, so it was all the more important to choose the right coffee bean for this purpose. What we are looking for, when roasting Medium Dark, is a very sweet washed coffee, with tons of fruity elements and enough acidity. By pushing the roast a bit further than usual we can balance out these sweets and fruits and end up with something entirely new for the Specialty Coffee market.

This coffee is great to brew black and pairs very well with all kinds of plant based drinks or regular milk.

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