Single Origin Coffee

Very often people ask for information on certain coffee beans. GREAT! GOOD!

Since many years this is my most important role in the company; provide some back ground info on all the coffee's we roast and serve. 

A blend can be cool and certainly has its advantages and role, but the most interesting coffee's are the Single Origin coffee's. Nowadays you can almost say that the corner stone of the Specialty Coffee is the Single Origin coffee. The search and tasting of all these different beans, from different regions, different processing and changing varientals; that's what drives us, every day again. 

Very often i hear people saying that they are passionate about coffee and they want to make a career in the coffee world, or at least become a Barista. Well, just one advise to all you out there; it all starts here folks; with the beans, and the tasting of it!!! 

On THIS BLOG we group all info on these 'Singles'. You can see roughly the last half year coffee's listed, but you can also search on origin or name...

Note : not all these coffee's are available at Caffenation. We do approximately 3 different espresso and filter coffee's a week, almost constantly changing. 

If you have more interest in tasting them you can drop by at our bar, or at one of our clients, or maybe easier; take a coffee membership and the coffee and info will land every week at your doorstep. Good luck with the Single Origin Coffee hunt. 


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