Specialty Coffee Capsules (Nespresso compatible) Caps. SAUL (per 10) (eco)


Brand Caffenation Specialty Coffee Roasters

Caffenation Nespresso Compatible Plant Based Compostable Coffee Capsules. 

Capsules packed with flavor and fully eco and environment friendly.

Check thegreenring.org for more info.

We launch 3 different Flavors. 

This version is the Caps. SAUL, with a blend of two very special Ethiopian coffees, Nano Challo (out of Limu) and Gora Kone (Sidamo).

Fruity, floral and just a bit ... mucho! Capsules filled with our finest single origin Ethiopian coffees. Expect some vibrant acidity up front followed by ripe fruit, floral notes and a long, spicy finish.

Best as a small espresso.

In one small box fit 10 capsules.