Oh yes, we have something new in the house. 

Our main blend Mr LGB is becoming more popular by the week, and with reason. For the Christmas and New Year festivities we wanted to test a new and special version though. Something higher level and sweeter. And what coffee is sweeter than African coffee?

The former applauded Ethiopians KONGA and CHELELECTU were bought on our Trip To Origin in March and are part of the Caffenation Direct Trade Program. 

We talk real Specialty stuff that has been sold all over the world for high end prices and by reputed Specialty Coffee Roasteries. Thanks to the help of 32 Cup Coffee Merchants, who's our partner to set up this Direct Trade system in Africa, we've been able to offer these gems for democratic prices. 

And we go even further and mix these two gems with the crazy Kenya WINDRUSH Estate coffee we bought on the same trip. This trio forms the new Mr. LGB blend called SWEET X-MAS, delivered with extra decorative X-Mas cards, to decorate your bar.

It's the first time we do such a (real) SPECIALTY COFFEE BLEND on large volumes. You could argue that these coffees are too good to be blended, and maybe you're right. Well, we want to risk it and hope to hear soon what you think....


As Ethio PIA we replace the Yirgacheffe Konga by Sidamo SUKE QUTO. Already appreciated as Spro JOE or Filter FIL, but now cheaper and on the roll for 2 months in those special blue with copper bags....

Kenya KEN remains RUNGETO for another month, later replaced by the KIRIAINI AA or KIAMABARA AA. 

More specials next weeks and months are new crop Burundi (you tasted the MBIRIZI and BUZIRAGUHINDWA already? Later the Burundi's MPANGA and MAHONDA), Rwanda (for December), Brazils (Sitio COLINAS and SAO JOSé!), Indonesia TANA TORAJA A & AA and last but not least Ethiopia BIFTU GUDINA. Seems like we kept the best for last haha. 

For those interested in TOOLS : there are now STAGG KETTLES in different colors, Rhinowares Compact Hand Grinders, Aeropresses, lots of other Barista and Home Brewing gear and probably by mid Jan the new Brewista Smart Scale. I know there were some battery problems with the first version. This is solved now and we are willing to propose an exchange program in which you can swop your old scale for a new (and improved) one for only a small supplement. 

To finish of with Chocolate News: everyone knows MAST BROTHERS Chocolate. We are now dealing these in our shops and also Wholesale. As a start we offer 8 different 28gram bars - smoked, olive oil, dark, sea salt, goat milk, almond butter, brown sugar, coffee. 

Hope to meet up soon meanwhile wishing you already a very prosperous and healthy Christmas and New Year. 



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