At the start of Caffenation, 20 years ago, three major corner stones were visible, and are still the reason we open our doors every day :

Giving people a Second Home. 
Welcome them in and give them a good time.
The Sky is the limit on :

  • Beans : At Caffenation we use freshly roasted Seasonal Specialty beans with a story. 

  • Equipment : Our equipment is endless and state of the art ; we’re even selected by multiple suppliers to test and perfectionate their tools or machines.  

  • Staff : With 20 professional and well trained Baristas we serve you 7 on 7 Filter, Espresso, Espresso Based and Cold Brew coffees with passion and dedication. 
Change the ball game : 
We want to change the coffee landscape with being one step ahead on both coffee quality and experience, and this way hopefully motivate both professional and home coffee lovers to improve their cup of coffee.