Ween is coming closer and so here is the Autumn version of our Mister LGB: 



Finally together in one bag, our favourite countries for espresso, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

The RED DE MUJERES was probably our most surprising coffee last year, and so we are very happy to have it back for the last months of 2018.

With this coffee, it’s all about sweetness and less about acidity. The coffee beans have been ripening extra long on the tree and this you can taste.

It’s a female-only produced coffee that also has an organic and fairtrade label.

The GERA FARM was our first Ethiopian coffee of the 2018 crop. We like a lot the tea and floral elements in this coffee and with its medium acidity, we think the GERA would blend really well with a sweet counterpart. The green coffee has been resting, on purpose, for 5 months in the warehouse. All flavours are in balance now and the smoothness grows.

Our aim with these green bags of Mister LGB is offering an easy-to-work-with-coffee for all ‘milk drinks’. The combination of one sweet and another more acidic coffee guarantees a balanced and bold taste.

We prefer to keep the espresso shots small for a good marriage with the fresh full milk.

You prefer your coffee black? No worries. For our double espresso’s we generally work with a higher yield to make the coffee more pleasant to drink and tasty while cooling down.

Visit us at one of our bars or mail us at caffenation@gmail.com for more brewing advice.
October 19, 2018 by Robrecht Berghmans